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Roberta Duman on Holiday in South Africa



I am a 40 (something!) mum of two girls with a natural energy and zest for life. Getting older, I have realised that age is nothing but a number and I intend to make the most of every day on this wonderful planet and do everything I can to ensure I am fit and well to enjoy my family.

My decision to study naturopathic nutrition was a personal one based on a dire health predicament for one of my family in 2005. Whilst nursing my partner through cancer when he was only 30, I searched for holistic therapies to support and compliment his pharmaceutical care.

To cut a long story short, I learnt about the healing properties of food and implemented a comprehensive nutritional protocol to support his convention medical therapy and haven’t looked back since (he has been 10+ years clear of cancer).


My drive to discover how I could continue to help myself and family led to on-going study (including three years at the leading College of Natural Medicine in London) and love of all things food and health based.

I now help clients from all walks of life to identify what is underlying their personal health challenges and establish an achievable long term plan to achieve optimal wellbeing and disease prevention. 


I would love to hear your story and help you.  


 "Remember little changes change everything!"

  • Weight Management

  • Fat Loss

  • Digestive well-being

  • Pregnancy and Fertility

  • Disease prevention

  • Sports nutrition

  • Hormonal Health

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