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At The Nutrition Spa we know that all of our clients are unique.


For some, recommending healthy food and lifestyle choices may be all that's needed to make real differences to health. However this may not be enough for everyone. Sometimes, we need to equip ourselves with more detailed information which is where functional testing comes into play. 

Functional testing aims to identify imbalances or pathogens that may be present in our bodies and playing havoc with our health.


What functional tests can help with 
  • Providing a detailed insight into your current health status

  • Providing an in depth analysis of specific deficiencies or imbalances

  • Identifying the root cause of chronic illnesses

  • Assisting for personal strategies to optimise your health and performance


Testing can identify underlying causes of health conditions, and reveal issues we are unaware of including: 


  • food intolerances

  • digestive issues / microbiome imblance

  • candida

  • hormonal imbalances

  • inflammation and infections

Functional testing can serve as an aid for accurate diagnosis and provides an informed prediction of future health issues. It can make the difference between sticking a plaster on something rather than fixing the root cause of the problem. 


Results from testing provides nutritional therapists and clients with a more complete picture of the factors that may be contributing to individual health. These can often then be addressed through specific nutritional strategies and is an affordable way of ensuring that any lifestyle and nutritional protocols your are following are effective. 

We can discuss any testing that we feel would be useful to you in your consultation.

With each test performed, in a follow up appointment (30 mins per test) you will receive the following

  • A full in depth analysis of the test results

  • A bespoke nutrition and supplementation advice plan 

  • Advice on how to correlate to your current lifestyle 

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