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We understand that you are a unique individual and one that on size doesn’t fit all


You will fill out an online pre appointment questionnaire - which may seem very intensive but it’s for good reason. The more we know about you and your overall health, your aims, motivations, likes and dislikes  will help us maximise the effectiveness of your appointment and ensure we have a thorough understanding of how best help you help yourself as quickly as possible.


We will review your current diet & relationship with food,  discuss your health history so we can look for triggers and drivers and then identify your goals.

If looking for weight / fat loss we will carry out body composition testing.


After your first assessment we develop a personal plan of action unique to your needs. You won’t see us advocate faddy diets, fasting or calorie counting. Every plan we design is based on the latest nutritional scientific research to ensure your body is working with you, not against you.


After your assessment, you will be provided with the following:


  • Nutritional guidelines

  • Meal and snack ideas

  • Tailored nutrition plan with advice on supplements appropriate for you

  • Lifestyle recommendations to optimise dietary therapy

  • Supplementation advice if relevant

  • What to do next


Your personalised plan will also ensure that you know exactly what to do next, for how long and how to do it.


As your habits may have taken a lifetime to form and quick fixes lead to poor results and disappointment, its important we look to long term achievable change. 


Depending on which nutritional protocol we have decided upon to reach your goals, a number of follow up consultations will help us review your progress.

These could be in person meetings or online coaching. Whatever works best for you. 

Should you have a specific health issue that you are looking for nutritional support, we will work with you for as long as you need to achieve optimal wellbeing.

Whatever you need, we are here to support you every step of the way.

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